You Know, I Nearly Broke Down and…

Paul rubbed the palm of his left hand against the floor. It felt cool and slippery, like polished metal. He tried to lower his right hand to the hard surface he was lying on, but it was pinned to his chest, his fingers clutching the fabric of his fine linen shirt. Breathe, he urged himself. […]

The Sign of the Fab Four

“Yes, that’s my handwriting,” Paul stated succinctly. He scrutinized the sheet of paper bearing an incomplete, hand-written lyric to Mother Nature’s Son and frowned. “But this is a very early version of the song. I changed most of these lines by the time I recorded the demo at George’s house, and some of the chords […]

Carry Me Back to the Days I Knew Then

John smiled wistfully at the name inscribed on the headstone. “I had a cat called Tim when I was young,” he said. “He lives with my Aunt Mimi still.” “Aye, Tim’s a fine name for a pet,” replied Angus MacGregor. He nodded politely at John, then pointed his flashlight at another grave marker in the […]

Sitting on a Sofa with a Sister or Two

“Merlin’s beard!” exclaimed Narcissa Black.  She spun both of her arms in windmills to check her balance as she struggled to stand still atop the narrow, rust-colored, cylinder. “Oh, stop making such a fuss,” chided her older sister Andromeda. “Last time I Apparated with you, you threw up, so we had to use Floo powder. […]

Because, Because, Because, Because, Because!

George’s mattress bucked up like a wild bronco, waking him with a rude start. Then his head crashed against the wooden headboard as the bed jolted back down to earth. He winced in pain. He sat up carefully and rubbed his hand over his thick mane of hair. A large goose egg would soon be […]

Not Just Any Body

“Where’s John?” Brian asked, throwing a nervous glance at the door of the tastefully furnished sitting room. “Why is he always so damned late?” “I’m here,” John called from the stairwell. He rushed into the room panting, fastening the top buttons of his shirt as ran through the door and nearly tripping over his untied […]

Meet the Beadles

A bright shaft of sunlight shone into the crowded public house through the open door, heralding the knight’s arrival. “Good day to you all, my fellow Christians!” he called out, raising both of his hands in a thumbs-up greeting. All eyes in the dimly-lit tavern turned towards the handsome nobleman as he strode purposefully across […]

Little Quarrymen

“Now, what do you think the author is trying to say in this passage from the text?” George Martin asked the four teenagers gathered in a circle around him. “That if the Pilgrim progresses any further, he’s going to get horrible bunions on his feet,” proposed the bespectacled student sitting to his right. The boy […]

Pride and Prejudice and Beatles

“Oh, do cheer up,” Richard said, patting his old friend Paul on the back of his beautifully tailored waistcoat. “I hate to see you looking so glum.” Paul shrugged off his friend and straightened his shoulders. “Ritchie, the world is not the idyllically happy and safe place you always make it out to be. Peace […]

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