As Beatles Go By

Ringo lit a cigarette and threw a cursory glance around the opulent nightclub he had recently purchased. Everything seemed to be going well. The waiters were running around at top speed, trying to keep pace with the steady stream of customer drink orders. Happy noises were escaping from the casino behind the bar (but not [...]

Leave my Kitten Alone!

John Lennon stepped through the front door of his Aunt Mimi’s beach house in Sandybanks, rested his suitcase on the floor, and slipped off his coat. His eyes immediately fell on the ginger cat sleeping peacefully on the most comfortable chair in Mimi’s sunlit parlor. Mimi rushed to the door to greet her nephew. “You’re [...]

Behind a Wall of Illusion

“Bullocks, would you tell that cameraman to fuck off?” George Harrison cursed under his breath. He threw an angry look at the man aiming his movie camera at the Beatles as they huddled in the back corner of the Twickenham Film Studio. “I thought you already did,” John Lennon replied testily. “I did, but nobody [...]

She’s so Good Looking, but She Looks like a Man

“C’mon, John, lighten up!” Paul urged his friend. He punched John’s shoulder playfully and smiled. “Just because our gig in Hamburg ended badly, that doesn’t mean we’re never going to perform on a stage again.” John hung his head and made no response, but continued walking down Slater Street alongside Paul to meet their manager [...]

I’ll Get You in the End!

March 29, 1964 Holly Short emerged from the shuttle port and closed the camouflaged door behind her. She stepped behind a large oak tree and pushed the communications button on her helmet. “I’ve arrived at my destination, Foaly,” she spoke into her mic. “I see the castle right in front of me. Any further instructions [...]

The Art of Dying

“We’re almost there,” Eleanor said, squeezing Chidi’s hand. “I hope this Mindy St. Claire person lets us stay.” “Janet said she would,” Chidi assured her. He tossed a quick look out the train window, then looked back at Eleanor and offered her a nervous smile. “But can we trust Janet?” argued Tahani. “This could be [...]


O’Brien focused his dead, soulless eyes at Winston. “You’re lying,” he stated in a cold, even voice. Winston fidgeted in his chair, trying not to sweat. He closed his eyes briefly, then summoned all the courage he could muster and met his inquisitor’s gaze. “Actually, no, sir, I wasn’t. I’ve become quite the expert at [...]

Young Blood, I Can’t Get You Out of My Mind!

Edward Cullen pressed his foot harder against the accelerator of the late-model, ’64 Chevrolet Impala. The engine roared to life, but the enormous car didn’t pick up much speed. “I wish Carlisle had purchased the model with the 425-horsepower, big-block, V8 engine instead of this pathetic Turbo Thrift option,” he whined, twisting his full, pouty [...]

Yes, I’m a Witch

“I just can’t decide between these three shades of blue,” complained Samantha Stephens. She held a trio of swatches from her paint color book against the kitchen wall and squinted, trying to imagine how the entire room would look in each hue. Her mother Endora rolled her eyes. “Why must you act like a foolish [...]

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