The Lucky Man who made the Grade

John pulled a stool up to the table, squeezed into the small spot between his brothers George and Ritchie, and looked at the magistrate with a plaintive expression. “Sorry I’m late,” he apologized. “The cat just threw up by the door. I wanted to clean the mess before someone stepped in it.” The magistrate nodded [...]

I’ve found a Driver, and that’s a Start!

“Um, excuse me?” John whispered. He inched a little closer to the weeping maiden and tapped her shoulder. “You there? Hello? Could I bother you for a bit? If you don’t mind, that is?” The girl looked up at John and flinched. “Bugger me! Who the hell are you?” “I’m your godfather,” he said. “I [...]

The Hound Dog of the Baskervilles

John peeked out the passenger window as his limousine approached the tailor shop. “Stop here, Alf,” John directed his chauffeur. “Paul and I can enter through the side door and dodge those birds if we make a mad dash for it.” “As you wish,” Alf replied. He pulled up to the curb and began offering [...]

Waiting to Take You Away, Take You Today!

Mid-October, 1955 Alfie Saunders reached across the small restaurant table and let his hand linger on top of Brian Epstein’s long fingers. Brian smiled at his friend briefly, then withdrew his hand and slipped it into his lap. “You needn’t do that,” Alfie whispered. “Nobody can see us.” “Yes they can,” Brian whispered back. “They [...]

Her Majesty’s a Pretty Nice Girl

Memo From: Andrew Eaton, “The Crown” Series Producer To: Peter Morgan, Head Writer Re: Season 3, Pre-Production Notes Pete – I just finished reading your first set of drafts for the upcoming third season of “The Crown.” Jolly good job, once again! But I have a few notes for you to think about as you [...]

She Walked Out of my Dreams, And into my Van!

“Christ!” shouted Neil Aspinall. He slammed his foot on the brake and brought the rickety van to an abrupt stop. “Fuck, why’d you do that!” shouted John from the back seat. “You made me knock heads with Ritchie!” Paul looked over his shoulder and put his finger to mouth to silence his song-writing partner. “Give [...]

How the Grinch Stole the Beatles!

Most folks on this Earth Like the Beatles a lot. But the Grinch, who hailed from The Fabs’ homeland, did not.     Well, that’s not quite true. No, please don’t get me wrong. He hated the Fab Four, But still liked their songs.     “If only they weren’t such Unpleasant old geezers! I [...]

I Get High with a Little Help from my Friends

John pulled his wallet out of his trouser pocket and carefully counted out the pound notes. He briefly cursed his manager Brian Epstein for giving him such small wage packets. After the tremendous year he’d just had, he should be carrying thousands of pounds in his billfold! But then he remembered how money always seemed [...]

Four Spirits Dancing So Strange

“Dammit, man, how loud do I have to shake these effin’ chains?! Wake the bloody hell up!” Ebenezer Scrooge pulled his covers up over his head and rolled away from the disturbance on the left side of his bed. “Wake the fuck up!” shouted the stranger. He grabbed Scrooge’s blanket and pulled it off the [...]

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