Behind a Wall of Illusion

“Bullocks, would you tell that cameraman to fuck off?” George Harrison cursed under his breath. He threw an angry look at the man aiming his movie camera at the Beatles as they huddled in the back corner of the Twickenham Film Studio. “I thought you already did,” John Lennon replied testily. “I did, but nobody […]

Rhyme Rah Raytist!

The security guard shone his flashlight into the open driver’s side window of the colorfully-painted, large van. “I’ll need to see some identification from each one of you,” he demanded. “Ree roo?” Scooby Doo called up from the back seat. “Don’t worry, Scooby,” said Velma. “You have a nametag on your collar.” Shaggy slapped at […]

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